Application Checklist

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Application checklist

  • Scanned copy of your passport;



  • 1 Passport sized photo ( Nattier blue or white background in JPG or TIFF format );


  • Scanned copy of previous educational certificates and academic records. (English translations attached with non-English records);


  • An essay of maximum 1500 words that’s split into 2 parts:

  • A motivational letter explaining why you want to be a part of the program.

  • An original 5 minute story outline for a short film


  • A personal statement letter that includes your family and cultural background,  your education level,  your academic achievements and your areas of interest;


  • A portfolio of past projects. (This isn’t necessary but it will help show your creativity and will give us a better idea of your personality);


  • Some examples of what to send are:

  • Short films no longer than 10 minutes

  • 10 minute excerpt from a feature film

  • 10 pages from a screenplay in PDF format

  • No more than 10 professional photographs

  • Easily accessible paintings or sculptures.


For screenplays only email PDF files to us. (No .doc or .fdx files). For video files please upload them to Dropbox and email the link to


Optional - A scanned copy of English language results verified by recognizable institutions like IELTS or TOFEL verified within 3 years.


Optional - A scanned copy of SAT or A-Level test result.