Junior Year

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Junior Year

After experiencing the different facets of film making students will now have a better idea of what they want to do and now they can choose to major in either: DirectingCinematographyVisual Effects. And students who selected different major should do as the role which they chosen in practical courses and thesis film.

In the Junior Year, we offer the most professional film making courses follow the workflow of the film industry over the world. Professors will give different advices and requirements depending on the major that the students selected.

Term 5

Advanced Screen writing – Production course, a more in-depth look into feature film screen writing. Also, to write a professional script of 8-12 minutes of length that will be shot in Term 6 for Directing course. At last, through personal 1 on 1 meetings students will prepare a professional script that will be used for their thesis film.


Advance Technique of Cinematography – Technique course to learn how to manage with the professional cinecamera such as ARRI or Red, and a more practical knowledge of operating cinecamera. This course support Advance Cinematography.


Advance Cinematography –Production course to be introduced to more skills and methods of Cinematography and become familiar with advanced lighting and camera equipment. Learn how to make an equipment list. And students work together to shoot on set in different scene and build the light effects which fit the atmosphere. To fully understand and comprehend the skills needed to be a professional Cinematographer. This course support Directing in term 6.

Digital Image technique –Technique course to let students know the importing and naming digital files, how to use photo software, how to compress and decompress video in order to prepare for field editing and post-production

Term 6

Directing – Production course to let students will develop their directing skills such as how to work together with actors, how to block a scene, how to design mise-en-scene, and improve their storytelling ability. Learn the role of the director in the overall system of a professional production and the strategies of how to work with a producer, distributor and the crew. Also know about how to make a budget, developing way to manage time on and controlling difficulties on set. Learn to set up a crew and how to efficiently manage people. Shoot the short film based on the script that students made in Term 5.


Advanced CGI training – Learn the in-depth details of color correction, compositing and computer graphics.

Thesis Film making - In order to graduate students must create a thesis film that will exemplify all of what they have learned in the previous 3 years. From this course the professor will give advice of preparing the film production and give the students the time line for final year.