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International student film works “Little Giant”

November 17, 2017

Every year CCTV China organizes a film competition where they bring professional filmmaking teams from all over the world. This year the event was also held in Suqian and was attended by a renowned jury made up of film industry officials in Asia.

Each team is given a specific location and topic and they must shoot and edit a film in only 48 hours. On the 25th of September of 2017, team STONJAUS managed to bring the “Best Film” and “Best Cinematography” award with the film “Little Giant”.

This is not the first time the team gets awards in this kind of competitions, in the past years they also got “Best Sound”, “Best Cinematography” and “Best Actress” but is the first time they get the biggest distinction and bring home the “Best Film” award.

“it’s always a challenge to join this kind of competitions because every team is very strong and some of them even have well-established directors in the Chinese film industry”.


Janice says: “the most exciting thing about the competition is the ceremony awards, out of all the participant teams they only screen the top 5 films; it was a cold night and it was raining, the audience was not reacting to any film and I was very nervous but when they screened “Little Giant” people started laughing out loud; we even got 2 rounds of applause because they loved the film”.

As an experienced producer Janice approached the project with a goal in mind; together with the director Bing Bang they knew they had to surprise the audience and give them something they haven’t seen before in this kind of competition, so they decided to make a fantasy film about a little giant with an epic ending.

STONJAUS is a group of passionate filmmakers, they recently shot another film in Bali with the help of sponsors from China; they are also working on the post-production of their latest short film and at the same time are gathering a team to shoot a feature film in China.